Saturday, 17 December 2016

White Sands National Monument

I visited White Sands National Monument earlier this year, it was also the first time I had been to New Mexico.  We went for sunset, and the next day went around 10am since it wasn't open till after sunrise.  We were extremely lucky, not many people had been visiting recently so the sand was untouched and there were very sparse clouds which made the sky more interesting.

Once we were in the park, and the sand started to take over our view, I got even more excited!  I love to spend the day at the beach playing in the sand.

 It was very fine and smooth, I took my shoes off during our hike to enjoy the warm sand between my toes; and let my boots air out after a week of traveling the southeastern USA!

There were very few plants in the two areas we explored over the next couple of days, according to our guide the sands shift often which means every single day at White Sands will look different than the next.  Makes every photograph unique too!

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