Thursday, 3 December 2015


I saw the new James Bond movie about a week ago and luckily was able to borrow this 007 Quantum fragrance bottle for a shoot.  I light-painted the bottle to get the lighting just right and did very little post production on the colour and brightness.

I love how well the white and red light mixed together on the textured bottle, and how it accentuates the logo.

Without the long exposure to paint the light, both the white and red lights appear less strong and don't blend.  However, they still give the bottle an interesting look.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Ink Creations

I have a new obsession, ink in water.  I had first seen this on the youtube channel The Slow Mo Guys, they shot acrylic ink into a tank of water and filmed the beautifully expanding cloud at 4,000 frames per second.  So I decided to recreate the effect inspired by the Rorschach psychology tests.  The ink kept reaching and molding into these beautiful shapes, I really love how amazing and complex they look.  What shapes or characters do you see?

You can view The Slow Mo Guys video here: