Thursday, 15 January 2015


My Pups are fantastic models! They're always willing to sit and wait patiently for me to take my shot, provided I have the faithful red Frisbee to keep their attention :D
This picture is actually two shots pasted together, I was having a difficult time getting both of the dogs in focus, so instead I took two pictures of each in focus then over laid them in Photoshop using a layer mask.  Other then the overlay there is no editing to the rest of the image.
Sadie often tends to make the best faces, this pictures has no edits.


I tried to get lots of action shoots, unfortunately since I was using my telephoto lens it was a lot more difficult to be able to take them since it can't take very good wide angle shots.  So instead I had the Frisbee thrown far away so that I could get a shot of the dogs running back with the Frisbee.  This was the best one, also ne edits. 

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